Dartford Warblers have a small world range encompassing southern England, the Channel Islands, western and southern France, Iberia, peninsular Italy, the larger west Mediterranean islands and coastal North Africa.
    In Britain they were once much more widespread but suffered a steep decline in the late 19th century, probably as a result of habitt loss. Severe winters in the 1960s  caused numbers to fall to no more than 11 pairs by the middle of the decade. This was followed  by a steady, though fluctuating, recovery. The 1968-72 Breeding Atlas estimated the 1974 population to be 560 pairs, a total which had almost tripled by 1994, then fell back after another harsh winter in 1995-96 before rallying to around 2000 by the turn of the century.
    In Wiltshire Dartford Warblers were probably common in the 19th century, when their preferred gorse habitat was being managed for fuel. Cold winters towards the end of the 19th century leading up to a particularly severe winter in 1916-17 reduced the national population to the lowest level since records began and marked the end of the species' regular appearance in Wiltshire in all but a few isolated pockets. The surrounding counties of Hampshire, Dorset and Somerset still retained resident populations and many of the records in Wiltshire since the mid 20th century have occurred near the Hampshire border in particular. There have also been occasional records of breeding on Salisbury Plain and scattered reports of individuals elsewhere in the county.

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