Cuckoos breed in northwest Africa and right across much of Eurasia. They winter mostly in sub-Saharan Africa with a few also in southeast Asia. Their numbers generally are in decline: Bird Atlas 2007-11 recorded a 49% decrease in the summer population in the UK between 1995 and 2010, part of a 21% decline across Europe as a whole since 1980. The reasons for this are not clear: one, unproven, theory is that while the species they parasitise have been nesting earlier as a result of warmer winters, the Cuckoos have not advanced their arrival times to match and in consequence have found fewer suitable nests available. Other possible causes include reduced availability of prey species and unknown factors affecting their wintering grounds or migration routes.
    The situation in Wiltshire is in line with the national picture. Birds of Wiltshire recorded Cuckoos present in 594 tetrads, with confirmed or probable breeding in 115; WTA2 recorded them in only 287 tetrads with breeding in 48.

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