House Martins breed throughout all of Europe (except northernmost Fenno-Scandia and Russia), south into northwest Africa, Turkey and parts of the Middle East, and east across northern and central Asia to Japan. All winter in the tropics; European and western Asian populations migrate to sub-Saharan Africa, specifically to West Africa in the case of those from western Europe.

            In Great Britain they are found everywhere except in some parts of Scotland: the highest parts of the Highlands, some of the offshore islands and parts of the northwest coast. There has been little change in this distribution since the 1968-72 Breeding Atlas. There has however been a distinct change in abundance: Bird Atlas 2007-2011 showed striking reductions in southern England contrasting with increases in Scotland.

            In Wiltshire House Martins have been regarded as common summer visitors at least from the mid-19th century onwards. Birds of Wiltshire recorded them in 723 tetrads with breeding in 493. They were absent mainly from areas such as Salisbury Plain where there are few buildings to provide nesting sites. WTA2 recorded them in 672 tetrads, breeding in 399 – a 7% reduction in distribution and a 19% reduction in the number of tetrads where they bred.


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