Pied Flycatchers breed in scattered locations in western Europe and more numerously from central Europe, north to Fenno-Scandia and east to western Siberia. In winter they migrate to western and central Africa.
    In Great Britain, they breed mostly in wooded upland areas in Wales, western and northerm England and patchily in Scotland. There was a 2% contraction in their range between the 1968-72 Breeding Atlas and Bird Atlas 2007-2011 but these figures conceal a 35% range expansion between 1968-72 and the 1988-91 Breeding Atlas, followed by a 27% contraction between the latter atlas and Bird Atlas 2007-2011. The causes of this rise and fall are not clearly understood but are thought to be connected to changes in the availability of suitable nest holes.The species is absent from Ireland.
    In Wiltshire Pied Flycatchers have been regularly recorded on passage, mostly in the spring but occasionally in late summer, at least since 1837, but it was not until 1931 that breeding was first recorded. This has been followed by a scattering of mostly suspected, but unconfirmed, breeding records in the following decades. Birds of Wiltshire recorded them in 14 tetrads, with breeding confirmed or probable in two. WTA2 also recorded them in 14 tetrads but with no breeding records at all. In 2013 a pair successfully raised six young in a nestbox in the southwest of the county and another brood of four were raised in the same nestbox, presumably by the same parents, in 2014.

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