Treecreepers are found in temperate and boreal woodland in an area stretching from parts of western Europe (they are absent from much of Iberia, France, Italy and the Low Countries) right across north-central Eurasia to Sakhalin and Japan, south to northeast China and the northern Himalayas, Iran and Turkey.
    In Britain they are absent only from the Northern Isles of Scotland, most of the Outer Hebrides, the highest peaks in mainland Scotland and the English fens. Bird Atlas 2007-2011 recorded a 5% range contraction since the 1968-72 Breeding Atlas, mostly in Cornwall and eastern England. They are very susceptible to cold weather and their numbers drop significantly after harsh winters such as those of 1928/29, 1946/47, 1962/63 and 1978/79, but bounce back quickly when milder weather returns. This causes fluctuations in their abundance from year to year but overall their numbers are stable.
    Treecreepers were reported to be common in Wiltshire in the 19th century and all of the national atlases published in the 20th century reported them as being present in at least 31of Wiltshire's 33 core 10km squares. Birds of Wiltshire recorded them in 371 tetrads, with breeding in 150. WTA2 recorded them in 315 tetrads with breeding in 143.

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