Goshawks have a circumpolar distribution from the treeline southwards, breeding almost exclusively in forests and woodland, though also hunting over open ground, particularly in winter. In Europe they are absent only from Iceland and Ireland, and do not migrate except for some northern populations that disperse south in winter.
    In southern England, Goshawks became extinct in the wild before the 16th century through persecution and the taking of nestlings for falconry, though in Scotland they may have bred until the late 19th century. Occasional records elsewhere were assumed to be escaped falconers' birds until the mid 1960s when it became apparent that escaped birds together with some that had been deliberately released now constituted self-sustaining wild populations. By the time of the 1988-91 Breeding Atlas they had become widespread, particularly in forests in Wales, the Pennines and the southern highlands of Scotland. Bird Atlas 2007-11 recorded them present in 18% of 10km squares in Great Britain, with breeding confirmed in half of them.
    In Wiltshire the first modern sighting came in 1953, the second in 1958 and then seven more in the years leading up to 1979 when breeding was first recorded. It was then another 20 years before breeding was recorded again, in 1999 at an undisclosed site. From then on breeding occurred anually, with between one and four pairs every year up to 2010, then in increasing numbers, rising from seven pairs in 2011 to 18 pairs confirmed breeding and a further 11 probables in 2017.

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