Egyptian Geese once bred in the Middle East and southeast Europe but nowadays occur naturally only in Africa. Present in British wildfowl collections from the 1600s, by the 19th century free-flying breeding populations had been established from escaped birds in several southern English counties and in East Lothian in Scotland. At the end of the 20th century they were recorded in ten counties, with confirmed breeding in six. The two main population centres are Norfolk and Greater London, with outward dispersal to surrounding counties.First recorded in Wiltshire in the mid-19th century, but thereafter few records until the 1980s when small numbers began appearing in most years. Birds of Wiltshire reported them as present "almost annually [since 1988] mostly in the Salisbury and Swindon areas" but quoted no specific records. Between one and four records per year were reported in Hobby between 1995 and 2000, almost all outside the periods when timed counts were being conducted for Birds of Wiltshire. Since 2000 Hobby has recorded small numbers every year at four or five sites around the county, with as many as nine at a time at the Cotswold Water Park, where the species bred for the first time in the county in 2012. Bird Atlas 2007- 2011 recorded the species in two tetrads in the winter and two different tetrads in the breeding season, though with no indication of breeding.


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