Meadow Pipits breed from southeast Greenland to the western finge of Siberia and from Iceland and Fenno-Scandia south to central France, the Alps and Ukraine. Northern and eastern European populations migrate to winter in an area from Britain, Denmark and western Germany to the Mediterranean region, parts of the Middle East and Turkey.
    In Britain in winter, part of the breeding population migrates to Iberia, but meantime numbers remaining in Britain are swollen by migrants from further north. They are then found virtually everywhere except in the very highest parts of Scotland and northern England. In the breeding season, when many will have departed to their breeding grounds farther north, to have been only partly replaced by British breeders returning from Iberia, they are most abundant in the uplands of Wales, northern England and Scotland, but are only patchily distributed in the southern English lowlands. Bird Altas 2007-2010 recorded only a 2% range reduction since the 1968-72 Breeding Atlas.
    In Wiltshire 19th and 20th century records show them to have been very abundant and a common breeder, mostly on the upland downs and more irregularly on rough lowland sites. Birds of Wiltshire recorded them in 312 tetrads in summer, with breeding in 168 of them. WTA2 recorded them in only 265 tetrad with breeding in 121. By contrast, Birds of Wiltshire calculated that they were present in winter in 44% of tetrads (based on a structured sample) whereas WTA2 found them present in 58%.
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