Sky Larks breed in open country from northwest Africa and western Europe, across Eurasia to Kamchatka and Japan, and the Pribilof Islands of Alaska. They have been introduced in New Zealand, Australia, Hawaii and western Canada. Only the most northerly populations are migratory.

            In Great Britain, for many centuries Sky Larks were trapped in great numbers for food. Despite this, at the end of the 19th century they were widespread and common breeders throughout England, Scotland and Wales. Agricultural intensification and other changes in practice, such as the move to autumn sowing of cereals, led to steady population decline throughout the 20th century – Bird Atlas 2007-2011 reported a 58% decline in population just between1970 and 2010, though this was not reflected in significant changes in distribution: summer distribution declined by only 1% between 1968-72 Breeding Atlas and Bird Atlas 2007-2011 while winter distribution actually increased by 8% between 1981-84 Winter Atlas and Bird Atlas 2007-2011.

            Birds of Wiltshire recorded Sky Larks present in 809 tetrads with breeding in 602 of them. WTA2 recorded them present in only 5% fewer tetrads, though there was a 26% reduction in the number of tetrads where breeding was recorded.


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