Common Bitterns breed across much of temperate Eurasia, from England and Iberia to Japan and north China. Northeast European and most Asiatic populations winter south to Africa, the Indian sub-continent and southeast Asia.
    In Great Britain drainage of wetlands and persecution led to the virtual extinction of the breeding population by 1900. Thereafter small numbers returned, building up to a peak of about 80 pairs by the 1950s, but then declining again through loss of habitat to a low of 11 pairs in 1997. A programme of restoration of existing reedbeds and creation of new ones reversed the decline: Bird Atlas 2007-2011 recorded confirmed or probable breeding from around fifty sites and reports of 104 booming males. The British population is believed not to be migratory and is increased in winter by arrivals from continental Europe especially during hard weather.
    In Wiltshire there was a regular spattering of references to wintering Bitterns throughout the 19th century  and occasional hints that they may have bred. This pattern continued throughout the 20th century. Since 1996 they have been recorded in every winter, usually from more than one site. There have been no confirmed records of breeding though a booming male was heard at Coate Water in the early 1950s and at a confidential site between 14 April and 12 May 2011.

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