Goosanders occur throughout much of the northern hemisphere. In Europe they breed in Iceland, Great Britain, around the Baltic and throughout Fenno-Scandia and northern Russia. There are isolated pockets south to the Alps, the Balkans and in Ukraine, and Bird Atlas 2007-2011 recorded two confirmed breeding records in Ireland.
    The first British breeding record  dates from 1871 in the Scottish Highlands and the British population remained confined mostly to Scotland until the 1940s, with only occasional winter visitors recorded in England. Thereafter they gradually expanded their breeding range southwards into the central and south Pennines, Wales and the Welsh Marches, then into Devon in 1980, Somerset in 1993 and Hampshire in 1998. The 1988-91 Atlas estimated a British breeding population of 2700 pairs.
    The first breeding season record in Wiltshire occurred in June 2000 though there was no evidence of breeding. Thereafter there were no further records until May 2014 when a female with a newly-hatched brood was seen at a confidential site.


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