British Ring Ouzels are of the nominate race which breed from Ireland and west Great Britain through northwest France, west and north Fenno-Scandia and northern Russia. Other subspecies are found in northern Spain, central and east Europe, the Balkans, Turkey, Iran, Turkmenistan and North Africa.
    In Britain they nest mostly above the 250m contour, on northern and western moorland from Scotland down through England and Wales to Devon. The British population winter in Spain and North Africa.
    In Wiltshire in the 19th century Ring Ouzels were regularly seen in good numbers on migration, but by the 1930s they had become uncommon, with only five records in the decade from 1929-1939 and none at all in the next decade up to 1950. Then from 1951 onwards they began to appear regularly again, with 26 records in the next 12 years, and a further 91 records, involving 136 birds, between 1974 and 2000. WTA2 recorded them present on passage in nine tetrads.
    There has been just one possible breeding record: a bird shot at Mere in 1858 on a nest with two eggs was later identified as a Ring Ouzel. This record has been treated with some scepticism by later observers, though there were frequent 19th century records of Ring Ouzels nesting as near as the Gloucestershire side of the Cotswolds, until they were wiped out as a result of being shot by collectors.

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