Stock Doves breed from Morocco, throughout much of Europe and western Asia, north to southern Fenno-Scandia and central Russia, thence into western Siberia and locally in central Asia. The western and southern European populations are essentially sedentary, while those from northern and central Europe migrate southwest and south to winter in the north Mediterranean and south Caspian regions. During the 20th century the migratory populations seriously declined as did the mainly sedentary populations in Spain, France, Croatia and Bulgaria.
    In the more northerly countries of western Europe however, including The Netherlands, Denmark and Great Britain, the spread of arable farming has led to continuing increases since the late 19th century. They are widespread in most of England and Wales though they remain comparatively scarce in fringe areas such as west Wales and Cornwall and are absent from much of Scotland.
    Records of Stock Doves in Wiltshire from the 19th and 20th centuries tend to be patchy and generalised ("a common resident" "resident throughout the county" etc) and it is difficult to detect trends."Birds of Wiltshire" recorded them in summer in 708 tetrads, with confirmed or probable breeding in 324. WTA2 recorded their summer presence in 651 tetrads, an 8% reduction, while the number of tetrads where they were recorded breeding fell by nearly 4%, to 312. The winter surveys on the other hand recorded them in 48% of tetrads surveyed in Birds of Wiltshire and 58% in WTA2 - an increase of 21%.

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