Water Rails occur throughout much of Europe north to southern Fenno-Scandia and central Russia and thence discontinuously across central Asia to Japan and south to North Africa, the Middle East and China. In the western temperate zone they are mostly resident. Elsewhere in Europe and much of Asia they migrate south and southwest in winter.
    In Great Britain Water Rails are found in static or slow-moving freshwater with tall emergent vegetation and some open expanses of mud. Areas of such habitat were once much commoner than they are now and what was once a common breeding species throughout the country had, by the 1960s, ceased to breed in much of Scotland, Wales and northeast, central and southwest England.
    In Wiltshire, Water Rails are widespread and reasonably common between November and March, but only a few are present throughout the year. There have been occasional confirmed breeding records. Birds of Wiltshire recorded them breeding at one site in the Cotswold Water Park (CWP), and present in ten other tetrads in summer and in about 30 tetrads in winter. WTA2 recorded breeding at two separate sites at the CWP and present at 13 other sites in summer and at 72 sites in winter. Most of the records have been of single birds but counts of up to 20 have been noted and it is likely that this highly secretive species is significantly under-recorded.


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