Grey Partridges are native to Europe and central Asia, and have been introduced to North America. In the 19th century they were common, and indeed increasing, in Great Britain, particularly in England and southern Scotland, apparently as a result of favourable changes in agricultural practices. In the 20th century however this process went into reverse, as changes such as greater use of herbicides began to have a negative rather than positive influence on numbers. This trend accelerated from the 1960s: the national population declined by 91% between 1967 and 2010.
    Grey Partridges were very common in Wiltshire in the 19th century, but declined in line with the national trend in the 20th, though they remained wide-spread. Birds of Wiltshire recorded them present in summer in 361 tetrads, with confirmed or probable breeding in 114. By 2012 however the numbers had reduced to 148 tetrads with breeding in only 88 of them. The winter distribution figures on the other hand showed an upward trend: the partial surveys conducted for Birds of Wiltshire recorded the species present in only 10% of the tetrads surveyed, equivalent to 92 tetrads overall. The surveys for  Bird Atlas 2007-2011 showed they had expanded their range by 60%, to 148 tetrads. 


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