Blue Tits breed throughout Europe north to southern Fenno-Scandia and north-central Russia, and in the Caucasus, Turkey, Iran and the eastern side of the Caspian Sea. The African Blue Tit, Cyanistes teneriffae, found in North Africa and the Canary Islands, was previously considered a sub-species of Cyanistes caeruleus but is now recognised as a species in its own right. Blue Tits found in the UK and Ireland are mostly of the sub-species C.c.obscurus, though there have been occasional irruptions from mainland Europe of the nomnate race C.c.caeruleus.
    Blue Tits are found almost everywhere in Great Britain and are particularly common south of a line from the Mersey to the Tees. They are absent only from the highest ground in Scotland, from the Northern Islands, the Outer Hebrides and a few of the islands of the Inner Hebrides.
    In Wiltshire Blue Tits are common in all areas except in some parts of Salisbury Plain and a few other open downlands lacking trees for nesting and feeding. They are particularly numerous in the north and southwest of the county. Birds of Wiltshire recorded them in 885 terads, with confirmed or probable breeding in 760 of them; WTA2 recorded them in 899 tetrads with breeding in 706.
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