Carrion Crows of the nominate race C. c. corone are common in Wales and England, south and east Scotland, and in mainland Europe from Iberia east to the River Elbe in Germany, the Czech Republic and Austria. A related race, C. c .orientalis, occurs in Asia, from Iran to China, Japan and Kamchatka.

            In Britain Carrion Crows were long treated as pests and persecuted, particularly by gamekeepers. This persecution lessened in the late 20th century: the Common Bird Census recorded a population increase of 95% between 1968 and the end of the century, helped by improved nesting success and earlier egg-laying resulting from milder winters and earlier springs.

            In Wiltshire recorders paid little attention to them in the 19th and 20th centuries beyond commenting that, despite human persecution, they were common and well distributed. The 1968-72 and 1988-91 Breeding Atlases and the 1981-84 Winter Atlas all recorded them in all the forty-six 10km squares wholly or partly in Wiltshire. Birds of Wiltshire recorded them in 889 tetrads, with breeding in 578. WTA2 showed a marginal increase, with breeding recorded in 592 of the 910 tetrads where they were present.



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