Lesser Spotted Woodpeckers are found locally in northwest Africa and in Iberia and more generally throughout much of the rest of Europe up to northern Fenno-Scandia and south to Turkey and northern Iran, then across southern Siberia and central Asia to Kamchatka, north Japan and northeast China. It is essentially a resident species apart from the northern and eastern populations which are partially nomadic and eruptive.
    In the 19th century Lesser Spotted Woodpeckers were commoner in Britain than Great Spotted Woodpeckers but their numbers declined in the first half of the 20th century, probably due to the clearance of abandoned cider orchards (previously a major source of their insect food). Common Bird Census figures in 1979 showed a ratio of one Lesser Spotted to every four Great Spotted. By 1995 the ratio had fallen to one to 20 and subsequent BBS data  has shown this falling to one to 30.
    In Wiltshire in the mid 19th century Lesser Spotted Woodpeckers were considered to be commoner than Great Spotted, but by the end of the century this situation had been reversed. Scattered records throughout the 20th century suggested that numbers were stable or declining, though a constant theme that emerges from reports is that the species is elusive and numbers probably under-recorded.
    Birds of Wiltshire recorded Lesser Spotted Woodpeckers in 47 tetrads with breeding confirmed in only ten of them. By the timeof WTA2 these numbers had fallen even further, to the extent that the species is now regarded as sensitive.
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