Wrens have a vast, if fragmented, global range that includes much of Europe, extending into North Africa and the Middle East and large swathes of Asia and North America. In Great Britain they are virtually ubiquitous, absent only from some of the highest parts of Scotland. Being so small they are very vulnerable to cold weather. Local surveys in 1996 showed a 34% population decline following the harsh winter of 1995-96. But their ability to raise two broods of up to eight young means that their numbers rapidly recover if the following winters are milder.
    In Wiltshire, Wrens have been shown to be common and widespread ever since records began. Both the 1968-72 Breeding Atlas and the 1988-91 Breeding Atlas recorded confimed breeding in every one of the county's 33 core and 15 part 10km squares. Birds of Wiltshire recorded them present in 906 of the county's 915 tetrads, with breeding in 791. WTA2 recorded them in 904 tetrads, with breeding in 637.

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