Coots are found across the Old World from Western Europe and parts of North Africa east through central Asia to Japan, and from India south patchily to Australasia. The Western Europe population is essentially sedentary or dispersive, while those that breed in Fenno-Scandia and to the east of the Czech Republic migrate south and west in winter, including to Britain, swelling resident populations.
    In Wiltshire Coots were regarded in the 19th century as an uncommon species, found in small numbers on a few of the larger waters in summer with some increase during the winter. It was not until the mid-20th century that their numbers increased to the extent that they came to be regarded as common. Birds of Wiltshire recorded them in summer on all the bigger lakes and gravel pits, and along most of the major rivers and canals. Altogether they were found in 244 tetrads, with breeding confirmed or probable in 204. Since then there has been some decline: WTA2 recorded them in 224 tetrads, with breeding confirmed or probable in 162.
    In winter, the partial tetrad  survey for Birds of Wiltshire recorded them in 17% of tetrads surveyed, indicating an overall total of around 160 tetrads. WTA2 recorded them in 183 tetrads in winter. Surprisingly therefore, and contrary to the national picture (which showed numbers higher in winter), the winter figures showed a reduced distribution compared to the breeding season totals.


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