Moorhens are found on every continent except Antarctica and Australasia. They occur throughout Europe where they may be resident, dispersive or migratory, those from the northeast moving west and south in winter. In Britain and Ireland they are widely distributed in lowland areas, on freshwater wetlands, ponds, lakes, rivers and canals. They are absent from upland waters in Wales, northern England and north and west Scotland.
    In Wiltshire they are absent from much of Salisbury Plain and the higher chalk downlands, but otherwise are found wherever suitable habitat occurs. In summer, Birds of Wiltshire recorded their presence in 473 tetrads, with breeding confirmed or probable in 353. WTA2 recorded them in 434 tetrads but with breeding confirmed or probable in only 264, a decline of 25%. In winter there was little change in distribution over the decade between the two tetrad atlases, with the partial tetrad surveys for Birds of Wiltshire indicating presence in about 370 tetrads while WTA2 recorded them in 402 tetrads.


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